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There are three things that will last forever: faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is LOVE.
Welcome to the movement:
Until LOVE Runs This Town!
It’s simple; we decided our mission was to LOVE God and serve people until LOVE runs this town.
We are so excited you decided to check us out! We invite you to come alongside us in this movement #UntilLoveRunThisTown
We can’t wait to hear the stories of life change that will come from your partnership! We encourage you to share those stories right here on this platform. “Let there be no small dream here”.
This movement was created from a heart longing to see God raise a people who would respond to the violence and injustice in our world today with radical LOVE. We believe that justice without Jesus is just more brokenness.
We don’t believe that social, political, or religious ideologies can change anyone. However, we do know LOVE can change us all.
The power of LOVE transcends cultural, racial, and social barriers. At a time in our country when two oppositional hashtags have risen up to compete for the hearts and minds of the people in our world, we thought it was time for a new way. Because we know that love doesn’t take sides, LOVE takes over.
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